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1. one that performs a (specified) action or makes/produces a (specified) thing.

2. one that specializes in a (specified) art, or science, or skill.

3. one that adheres to or advocates a (specified) doctrine, or system, or code of behavior.

P: 612.245.7828

Susi began her Remodelist career immediately after earning her Masters of Architecture degree in 1999. In addition to practicing residential architecture, she was an adjunct professor teaching architectural structures courses and advising design studios for 15 years. Susi is a whiz with numbers, guiding our estimating and fiscal analysis processes, yet her true love is the puzzle-like creative challenge of architectural design. She specializes in creating additions and remodels that blend seamlessly with existing spaces. Susi has been involved in all aspects of small business management since the age of 16, first with her family's business, then her husband's, and now her own - ELEA HEALY. A Susi-homemaker in all the senses of the word, she enjoys spending time baking and cooking for big groups at her Gunflint Trail property, along with singing, hiking, biking, boating, and collecting quirky vintage basket purses and Dept. 56 Snow Village.

P: 651.402.3659

Tamatha has been a Remodelist her whole life, she just didn’t realize it until the early 2000’s. After a degree in fine arts, her early design career included time spent in scenic design, fabrication art, and mural creation, to name a few. Simultaneously, she was honing her skills in service and management for local establishments. Naturally a Jill-of-all-trades, Tamatha fell in love with specifying finishes in the remodeling world and helping clients discover the vision within them. Working with craftspeople has been a key part of her entire career - thus her transition into project management. A knack for organized business systems, and a desire to create a client-focused approach was the catalyst for co-founding ELEA HEALY.  Tamatha enjoys long weekend getaways to visit friends around the country, dining and entertainment adventures locally, and tackling creative projects at home with the “help” of her kitties. 

Expert Remodelist - Field
P: 612.356.0797

Ron is our trusted guru of production who has been making fabulous things happen for clients and their homes for over 35 years. A true scholar of the craft, he is an encyclopedia of knowledge in carpentry methods and techniques. Ron’s formal architectural education is evident in his methodical approach to every task from framing to finely-finessed details. Nicknamed “Abacus”, he will often run the numbers for a detail multiple times to ensure it will all come together as intended. Where Ron really shines, however, is as our Expert Remodelist-in-Charge in the field. He is loved and appreciated by co-workers, partners, and clients alike for his approachability, even temperament, and thoughtfulness. Ron enjoys spending time with family and friends at his cabin up north, exploring local food & drink with his wife, and following his favorite sports teams - no matter their current success.

Chief Financial Officer and COR Administrator
P: 651.283.4373

Joanna joins the E|H team with a unique 20+ year background in performing arts and nonprofit administration, including leadership with organizations such as the Fitzgerald Theater, the Minnesota Theater Alliance, and the Minnesota Music Coalition. She holds a Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management from Hamline University. Some of her past experience includes workforce development consultation and fund-development for social enterprises, planning statewide conferences and concert tours, and managing a historic building archival and rehabilitation planning project. She is Board Treasurer for the Department of Public Transformation and The Moving Company theater. She enjoys gardening, traveling with her family, singing, collecting books (and sometimes reading them...), and working her way through the 1001 Movies to See Before You Die list. (She has finished 434 of them so far!)

Advanced Remodelist - Design
P: 612.703.8132

With a foundation rooted in childhood experiences assisting her architect father in the renovation of the family homes, Sarah has evolved into a seasoned professional. Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in interior design and two decades of industry expertise, she excels in the art of re-imagining spaces to capture moments
that authentically reflect individual lifestyles. Sarah brings a personalized touch to every project, creating environments that resonate with the unique stories of those who inhabit them.
 She enjoys all forms of creating (painting, drawing, weaving, sewing, sculpture etc.) and loves to hike in the MN northwoods with her pup. 

Advanced Remodelist - Field
P: 708.469.9260

After receiving her BFA, Amy has been an artisan baker, a custom metal fabricator, a greenhouse assistant, and a lead upholstery technician. A lover of artisan detail and fine craftsmanship, she had always dreamed of being a carpenter. A Jill-of-all-Skills with a focus on honing her carpentry prowess., she is truly a team player and client advocate. Amy has become a crucial member of the ELEA HEALY Team, sparking joy and expert detail into

every project.

Advanced Remodelist - Field
P: 651-295-1525

Alex is passionate about learning new things and always improving and growing the knowledge base he has. Although somewhat ‘new’ to remodeling (comparatively), he earned an excellent reputation fabricating and welding custom titanium bicycle
frames for very prolific clients. His experience helping clients to create their "dream bike" (often costing over $10k) would eventually apply to working with clients in the building trades. In addition to creating these expensive masterpieces, he also
managed the details, expectations, cost, and customer experience for all of these projects.

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