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Our Story


"We created ELEA HEALY - Remodelists in early 2022 with the goal of elevating the perceptions and experiences of remodeling. Having worked together for over 6 years, we knew our values aligned when it came to all things remodeling. We believe in doing the right thing for our clients AND for their houses. We believe quality of craftsmanship and materials AND quality of experience are paramount. We believe the reputation of our industry can AND should improve through action and integrity.


As designers, makers, and remodeling specialists, we have developed and implemented a designer-led project from start to finish. Our individual yet complementary areas of expertise have set the foundation for us to build our team of expert remodeling specialists.


We have always been REMODELISTS at heart. We share a passion for doing great things for existing homes  - making them work beautifully for today and helping them endure for years to come. 


We are so glad to be on this journey AND look forward to working with you!"


— Tamatha & Susi



ELEA is an acronym for Tamatha’s late grandparents, Ellen Lucy & Elwin Alexander Kenyon. An odd couple in stature, she was a petite fashionista while he was a gentle giant. They were an inseparable pair often wearing the same sweatshirt or rain coat so they wouldn’t lose each other in a crowd. But the most admirable characteristic they passed on, was their way of connecting with others. They were the type of people that could tell you

how you knew everyone in the room and made you feel like an integral part of the tree of society. They were always gracious - and had this amazing ability to remain positive and caring in every situation. We could not think of a better way of paying homage to them than to center our business on bolstering positivity, nurturing relationships, and creating community connections. Ellen & Elwin, we hope we do you proud!


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Susi has always been enamored with exploring and reviving old houses. Turns out it’s in her DNA. The HEALY part of our name is in reference to her great-great grandfather, Theron Potter (T.P.) Healy. T.P. Healy was a prominent and prolific master builder in Minneapolis from the late 1880s through his untimely death in 1906. He is best known for his Queen Anne Victorian Style Houses, several of which are located on the Healy Block

Historic District visible from I-35W just south of Lake Street. His houses feature beautifully balanced and highly-ornamented exteriors and exquisite use of interior wood fretwork and detailing. At the turn of the 20th century, he was the preferred builder for many of the Twin Cities most respected architects. So, the HEALY in our name refers to our excellence in detailed design and our dedication to expert craftsmanship. Thanks T.P. for the inspiration!


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